Glass Oil or Soap Dispenser $14

I am super excited to bring this new item to you. I had one of these several years ago and somehow have misplaced it and boy have I missed it. This little jewel not only looks great and can be used for multiple uses, but it will help on your grocery bills. How you ask???--The tapered spout allows you to not use as much of the item that you are using. I am the world's worst about using half a bottle of dish soap to wash bottles and sippy cups.

Not only is this glass bottle decorative it truly is functional. This can be used for dish soap(as pictured above), olive oil, vinegar, condiments or sauces. Glass bottle has a slight (green) tint to it however it isn't noticable once there is something in the bottle. Decorative glass bottle is $14 and includes personalization. We can do a last name vertically (as shown) a single monogram or decorative vines or polka dots. The possibilities are endless. We can make this item as custom as you'd like it to be to match any kitchen or bathroom. Order Yours Today!