Jewelry and Accessories

Black Damask Patterned Necklace $20

Black Shell Necklace $25 with matching black earrings

Brown Turquoise Necklace $25

Matching Bracelet add $5

Brown Tortise Shell Necklace $20

Mulit Color Necklace with BLACK pendant $25 includes matching earrings

Multi Colored Necklace with RED pendant and matching earrings $28
Matching Bracelet add $5
 Wooden Earrings $15

Zebra Necklace with Matching Earrings $20
we can single initial the earrings for an additional $5

Zebra Headband $10 

Zebra Earrings $10

 Light Blue Studded Scarf $20

Hounsdtooth Scarf $20

Chocolate Brown and Cream Houndstooth Scarf $20

All scaves are $20

Red Scarf $20

Zebra Scarf $20

Pink Burberry Inspired Scarf $20

Hot Pink Zebra Scarf $20

All Scarves $20

UK scarf $20

Zebra Scarf $20