New Wooden Monograms

The Polka Dot Poodle is super excited to launch our new line of products. We are now offering Wooden Monograms. Our monograms are entirely custom made with your monogram to give you a one of a kind piece.

The INDOOR monograms are made of 1/4" birch plywood. They still have some flexibility to them due to their thin nature of the wood. These are recommended to be used for indoor decorating such as over a crib, Christmas Tree topper as so forth. If the indoor monograms are used outdoors, they may be subject to warping due to heat, moisture and climate conditions in your area.

The OUTDOOR monograms are made of 1/2" birch plywood. They are twice as thick as the indoor monograms and are more durable.

All monograms are sold UNFINISHED and are ready for you to paint or stain. Each monogram is cut and lightly sanded on the front and back and edges. Each piece may need a small amount of extra sanding if you want edges completely smooth.

We offer wooden monograms in many different sizes  perfect for adding a distinctive personal touch to your front door, bedroom wall, nursery or anywhere in your home.  They make great Christmas and wedding decorations and the perfect personalized gift for any occasion. Interlocking Monograms range in size from 8" to 24". Single initials range in sizes from 8" to 24". The HEIGHT size is the selected size at the hightes point of the monogram, the width varies depending on the letters used. If you would like a size not listed, please email me and we can work out a custom listing.

Circle monograms range from 18" to 24". These have a seperate pricing sheet so please email inquiries to

It takes approximately 3-4 weeks to get your CUSTOM unfinished monogram and
approximately 4-6 weeks to get your finished Custom monogram. Orders can be drop shipped directly to you for an additional fee, just specify when ordering if this is what you would like.

All prices are for UN-PAINTED UNFINISHED monograms and single letters. If you would like your monogram painted, we will gladly do that for an additional $30 fee. If you would like to add glitter to your painted monogram or letter, it will be $5 in addition to the $30 painting fee. (total of $35)

Most customers create their monogram using an individual's initials or the initials of a couple. If you are creating a monogram for an individual, the initials order is First, Last, Middle. For example, Emily Beth Vincent would use the letters "EVB". If you are creating a monogram for a couple, the wife's initial typically goes first, then the couple's last name, then the husband's first name. For example, Emily and Bryan Vincent would read "EVB".

When you are ready to place your order, please email us at All orders will need to specify:

Initials: First, LAST, Middle 
Painted: yes or No    if Yes, What color?___
Size of monogram or single initial
Indoor or Outdoor Material

All orders must be paid in full via PAYPAL or check before order is placed as all orders are CUSTOM done therefore no returns or refunds are allowed.

Indoor Use Only: 1/4" thick wood           Outdoor Use: 1/2" thick plywood        

8"  inch        $18.00                                        8 "inch                 $22.00   

12"inch        $23.50                                       12"inch                 $29.00           

16"inch        $30.00                                       16"inch                 $38.50

18"inch        $32.00                                       18"inch                 $40.00 

20"inch        $36.00                                       20"inch                 $44.00

22"inch        $40.00                                       22"inch                 $47.50

24"inch        $44.00                                       24"inch                 $54.00

We look foward to creating something unique and personalized just for you.