Long Black Necklace $28

We found these long cuties at market this year and we were only able to snag a few, however as of yesterday I am able to get my hands on a few more. If you are interested in this long black or brown necklace, please email us at thepolkadotpoodle@yahoo.com

Necklace pendant is nice and large so a 3 initial monogram is stunning on this piece.

Everyone I'm sure has seen the new longer necklace trend. We decided to offer a few pieces that would not only fit the new syle, but also offer a classic piece that will work for years to come. This long BLACK necklace measures 15 1/2 inches in length when clasped. The pendant sits around mid bust level. Comes personalized in any font and color vinyl as well as with a pair of matching ball dangle earrings of your choice for $28.  

Each set comes with a matching pair of ball dangle earrings that compliment such a classic piece in black or brown. Order yours today for only $28.