Sports themed Wine Glasses $15 with ribbon $18

Alright sports fans, I have fall on the brain and with the smell of my pumpkin candle burning, I am visualizing football season in my mind. There is no CUTER way to show your team support than with these precious little glasses.

Kentucky fans don't kill me for saying this, but I'm not even an Alabama fan, or even a wine drinker for that matter, however I want one of these cuties. That's how cute they are. 

We can personalize your glass with or without polkadots to match any team you route for!

Sports Themed Wine Glasses are $15 with or without polkadots, your initials or the team logo. Add $3 if you would like a coordinating ribbon! Order yours today as Christmas is just around the corner and we are only going to be taking orders most likely thru the end of October. Order Now!