Diaper Filled Baby Case $16

If you are anything like me when you realize you need a quick baby gift to take to the hospital, I'm always wondering what to give. I hate to spend a ton of money since I've usually already purchased a seperate shower gift, however I don't want to show up to visit at the hospital empty handed.
This little bundle is perfect for a quick gift. The canvas bag measures 11 inches in length and is the perfect size to house a pack of wipes and 3 diapers. It's the perfect piece to throw in your purse or diaper bag for a quick diaper change.
Bag includes personalization in pink, blue, white, yellow or green, a Huggies Brand travel pouch of baby wipes and 3 newborn size diapers.
This is such a convenient item not only for you as the giver but any parent would love to grab this quick fix rather than hauling the entire diaper bag to change their child. Grab one of these dandies for only $16 the next time you need a small gift.