Beverage Tub $40

The Polka Dot Poodle is excited to offer this new acrylic Beverage Tub for all you entertaining activities.

The14 Qt. tub would look great out on your patio or indoors for any gathering or celebration. We can personalize the tub with any saying, last name, or monogram.

We've also personalized them to say "Celebrate" with colorful polka dots that was versitale to use for any type of gathering. This piece would be a great item to hold favors for a baby/wedding shower, or another option for a candy bucket at Halloween. This would also be a great wedding gift and you could fill with towels or other supplies. I know I just LOVE multi-purpose items.

This customer is planning to use her handy tub out by the pool to keep people from running in and out of the house to get a cold beverage. She'll thank me later because she won't be killing flies that kept getting in the house from people coming and going all the time. HA!
 Order yours today for only $40