Create your own shirt....$14-$20

It's getting close to yet another holiday so my mind starts wondering what will my little one wear. I thought I'd try something different and go with Valentine's Day colors, however leave off the hearts so he could wear it beyond Valentine's Day.
 With the "Create your own shirt" option, you will need to provide the garment you would like the personalization on and we can design what you would like. Most discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target or Old Navy have solid BLANK shirts that can be personalized for under $5.
We can do a name, a monogram, or even an animal or hearts if you choose all for just $14.
However, you still have the option for me to find the shirt for you and the shirt and personalization will be $20. Sizes and Shirt Colors may vary as it is difficult to stock sizes in various colors from Newborn to Toddler and Child Sizes.

The Colors available to personalize your creation are black, white, red, hot pink, and chocolate brown.
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